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Swinging Strings

Swinging Strings

Swinging Strings is a fun piece written for string ensemble. It has a catchy opening melody in D major that is shared between the instruments and moves to a more mysterious D minor theme in the middle section. There is an optional violin solo part that could be played by an advanced student, otherwise the part is cued in the piano accompaniment. Teachers and students can alter the solo part and use their own improvisation ideas! The cello and bass parts feature a pizzicato walking bass at times, typical of jazz music. There are opportunities for students to play in 3rd position in the violins and violas to help develop their technique. A really exciting piece that will have all the students and the audience tapping their toes!


Grade 2.5

Duration: 2’35”

Instrumentation: Optional Violin Solo, Vln 1, Vln2, Vln 3, Vla, Cello, Bass, Piano



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