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Scherzino is a playful piece for an intermediate ensemble and is written in a traditional scherzo and trio form. The opening melody in the violins should be light and with spiccato quavers. It is set over a pizzicato accompaniment before moving to a more melodious and legato minor section. The ‘trio’ modulates to G major and consists of long melodic lines in all instruments. There are opportunities for students to develop position changes and vibrato here. There is an extension 1st violin part for more advanced students available which requires more 3rd position work. The piece ends with a lively coda and is sure to be a favourite at concerts!


Grade 3

Duration: 3’10”

Key: D Major

Instrumentation: Ext Vln, Vln 1, Vln2, Vln 3, Vla, Cello, Bass



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