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Playground Antics

Playground Antics

Playground Antics is a fun suite for beginner strings based upon common games for children. The 2nd violin and viola parts are the same and the piano is necessary for performance. The work consists of three short movements: 
1. Hopscotch – This simple movement is in A major and features a unison melody at the beginning. There is a pizzicato section in the middle before the melody reappears at the end. 
2. Freezing Statues – This movement portrays the freezing statues through rests and staccato notes in the melody. The tune, in E minor, begins in the cello and later swaps to the upper strings.  
3. Hide and Seek – A fun last movement for all players in G major with lots of dynamic contrasts. The cellos and bass have a funky pizzicato rhythm at the start underneath the upper string quavers.


Grade 1

Duration: 3’45”

Instrumentation: Vln 1, Vln2/Vla, Cello, Bass, Piano 



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