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Jazzed Up!

Jazzed Up!

This piece is written for beginner string players. It contains 3 short movements all composed with simple melody and harmony parts. The piano part is essential in all movements.


I – is a 12-bar blues in G. The melody and harmony parts are first presented separately in pizzicato before being played together later with the bow.


II – is a jazz waltz, almost completely in unison apart from a few echoes at the start. There are some LH pizzicatos to help strengthen the 4th finger.


III – is a fun boogie style. This movement is slightly more advanced than the other movements with the introduction of quavers and staccato bowing. The melody is still presented in unison at the start with some harmony added later on.



Grade 0.5-1

Duration: 3’11”

Key: G Major, D minor, D Major

Instrumentation: Vln, Vla, Cello, Bass, Piano







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