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High Sea Hijinx

High Sea Hijinx

This energetic piece for intermediate players is sure to be liked by performers and audiences alike. The piece opens with a rhythmically and technically challenging motif in the 2nd violins and violas portraying the pirate ships sailing across the high seas. The melody is seen in the 1st violins and cellos mainly and requires good bow control and a sustained tone. There are opportunities throughout the piece to explore different colours and timbres through the use of position work. The G minor pizzicato section in the middle could depict the pirates sneaking up on each other – let your imagination run wild! An exciting finish ensues with a short revival of the main theme.


Grade 3

 Duration: 3’33”

Key: E minor

Instrumentation: Vln 1, Vln 2, Vln3/Vla, Cello, Bass







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