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Adagio and Allegro

Adagio and Allegro

Adagio and Allegro is a separate two movement work.

The Adagio movement creates a mysterious aura at the beginning and requires good bow control and expression from all players to create a gorgeous sound.

The Allegro con fuoco requires a lot of energy and excitement! The conductor and the players need to pay careful attention to the spiccato and tenuto lines as marked and keep the semiquavers on the string in the middle of the bow. The C Major melody in the violas and cellos in the middle section needs to be very legato with lots of vibrato as well. Keep the pizzicato section in strict tempo before the return of the main theme at the end. There is an optional divisi in the 1st violins – you could have all players on the bottom line if necessary.


Grade 3.5

Duration: 3’31”

Key: A Minor

Instrumentation: Vln 1, Vln2, Vln 3, Vla, Cello, Bass



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