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A Woodland Scene

A Woodland Scene

Inspired by a trip to UK in 2019, A Woodland Scene paints a picture of some of the wildlife and castle ruins that I encountered. Imagine the squirrels and rabbits jumping about as the opening melody unfolds and later, the deer walking over the autumn leaves. Let your imagination run wild! The meno mosso section in the middle conjures up images of ruins of castles surrounded by vast green grasses and fields. Mostly in E minor, the piece provides interest for all parts. The opening quaver figure in the 2nd violins and violas should be spiccato. There is some 4th position work for Violin 1 and cello providing a challenge for these players.


Grade 2.5-3

Duration: 3’08”

Key: E minor

Instrumentation: Vln 1, Vln 2, Vln 3, Vla, Cello, Bass



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